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O & R Products Story

We are O & R Products. A company manufacturing and marketing foot care products under brand named CC (Complete Comfort – The home of organic solutions for footcare and revitalization.). We are your source for premium personal health and wellness products. We take pride in blending old natural remedies with modern science to create effective new products that help you live healthier and feel better.

Established by Optimist Philiso and Refiloe Mohono 2018, O & R Products manufacturing company, produce foot care line products to address the challenging needs within the foot care industry. We want to increase awareness of the importance of healthy feet due to lifestyle changes and elevate the industry by providing unique products with revolutionary technologies that give transformational results.

In our factory quality is of the utmost importance, no detail is too small.

We aim to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all of your needs, thus, improve products and innovative applications quickly find their way to you. 

we are what we say

In our factory quality is of the utmost importance, no detail is too small. Since the beginning, natural preparations have been our main concern and the core of our business. Our complete dedication to the customer’s needs and satisfaction is what makes us unique. While based on ancient recipes, our research and development team and labs are constantly focused on the future. This allows us to stay ahead of the latest developments. Our O & R Products teams are constantly improving maximum natural formulations, cold extracting and mixing processes, for the best input possible into our products and foot care applications.


The first value which characterizing the Company is the reliability. We believe that this is the pillar for creating relationship of mutual trust with customers. We could talk about professionalism, which  is essential for a good work implementation; the initiative is necessary for developing new ideas and to meet market requirements. The technical knowledge to create product studied in great detail and finally, the experience which is useful in every area.


Our vision is to become the best manufacturers of organic and natural products. Being the best means offering a variety of products to a diverse group of consumers.


We aspire to become the leading and most sustainable manufacturer quality organic fast-moving customer goods in Southern Africa, facilitated by highly skilled and well trained employees.


Say hello to fresh smelling healthy feet with complete comfort

Strong enough for the toughest odors from heavily used athletic shoes, work boots, sandals and more. Safe and effective, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.